Heritage preservation and interdisciplinary approach through Fine Art and Science Education

Monografia 28. 05. 2020, Robert Potočnik,Iztok Devetak

The scientific monograph presents the results of the study obtained through the Fine Art Materials and Heritage Preservation Education (Project Work with the Private and Public Sectors in a Local and Regional Environment - Creative Path to Knowledge 2017-2020, 2nd opening) project which involved Taja Klemen, Monika Malnarič, Ana Marija Rauch, Eva Sikošek, Teja Sulejmanovič and France Kavčič. Tanja Košir was also involved in drawing up the text. Our primary consideration was to examine the possibilities of addressing Fine Art and Science Education content in relation to cultural heritage and provide options of including an interdisciplinary approach to issues associated with cultural heritage preservation education in Fine Art and Science Education in elementary school.

Three didactic activities were carried out at a conservation and restoration workshop per period of education, in which various research methods were used to illustrate the possibility of addressing Fine Art and Science Education content and to provide student feedback. Experts from different disciplines were inquired about their opinions regarding the possibilities of including heritage preservation education content into the elementary school system and presented their views on the aforementioned issues. The scientific monograph includes three teaching and learning modules resulting from the activities whose purpose is to facilitate the application of the interdisciplinary approach to the issues associated with heritage preservation education in curricular and extracurricular activities.

Key words: heritage preservation education, fine art education, science education, interdisciplinary approach